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    I am an iPhone owner, trying to convert to Android.

    I own a GT-I8730 (Samsung Galaxy Express), which I have rooted and to which I have flashed KitKat (CyanogenMod).

    When trying to install Lucky Patcher 4.7.8, downloaded from Netbew, I get the following message: "Parse error: there was a problem parsing the package".

    I can understand some may be reluctant to installing Lucky Patcher, I am trying all sort of things to be as fluent in Android as I am in iOS. Can someone explain why I get this message, why I cannot install Lucky Patcher and what I should do to install it?

    I have tried deleting the .apk file and downloading it several times. Size seems correct. I have also tried previous versions, always same message.

    Thank you in advance
    09-26-2014 02:08 AM
  2. Allen Kimai's Avatar
    It is mostlikely caused by the the apk file being corrupted

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-05-2014 10:02 AM

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