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    While speaking to an HTC support person (a failed updated had caused the phone to stop working), I was initially able to access the phone on my computer. However, the Gallery & Music Files displayed "empty". During the call, the phone switched from the white "HTC quietly brilliant" screen to recharging (battery at 0%). I unplugged it from the computer and plugged it into the wall socket to recharge. Once it had charged for a while and a subsequent second phone call to HTC support, when I used the USB cable to connect to my computer again, all the drivers had changed to a single driver - that is, they went from UMDF WpdMtpDr.dll, winusb.sys, WUDFRd.sys, WpdMtp.dll and WpdMtpUS.dll to a CD-ROM.sys driver. Now the computer thinks the phone is a CD ROM! AND there is NOTHING in the F: drive...no data whatsoever. I am prompted to "insert a disc in Drive F". HTC said that their investigation into my phone showed that it was not running "Official HTC ROM" for over a year. I didn't hack the phone since I have no idea how to do that. However, it might explain the failed "update" 2 weeks ago that caused this problem and also the driver failure. If I do a manual install of the current drivers, would the phone work and would I be able to get back 2 years worth of data?? HELP! Thanks for any advice.
    09-30-2014 10:18 PM

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