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    Hi Community,

    I have searched but can't find any info on my issue.

    In short the 4G (LTE) won't function on my device. Below is what I know/have tried. Hoping someone has some ideas.

    Samsung mini S5 SM-G800Y

    - The device is correct band for 4G N/W I am on (band 4 1800MHz). It was sold originally by the N/W provider I am using (2degrees New Zealand) and confirmed good for their N/W. Also it came factory reset so I don't think has anything custom.. although can check if theres some way.
    - I have tried a friends sim card (works on 4G on his S5) and doesn't get 4G on mine (i.e. not my sim)
    - I have enabled the network correctly, and power cycled several times (i.e 4g/3g/2g auto is selected)
    - I am on latest IOS (KitKat 4.4.2)

    I feel like maybe my unit is faulty but would have thought if the phone wasn't working for 4G then I would see 3G issues (I don't).

    Finally its not under warranty so there'l be no sending it off for someone else to solve (hence why I am here trying to solve).

    Cheers for any help -greatly appreciated.
    05-12-2015 04:40 AM

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