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    My brother died two weeks ago and the police have determined that the death was not suspicious. This means in practice that they stop investigating or helping in any way. We do not know when my brother died (within a three day window) and it would bring some considerable peace to the family if we did.

    We can see on his phone (Samsung Beam2 Android v4.2.2) in the default "Music Player" that he has recently played music.

    My specific technical question to the community is: does the Android player simply store the indexes of the recent songs in a list? Or does the player store additional meta data, such as date and time of the last play?

    I have done some of my own research and there are other threads online talking about modification of the "Play Count" MP3 tag. However, when I pulled the MP3 files from the phone, the last modified times (and others) are obviously from about six months ago when the files were loaded onto the device.

    So I think my only hope is that the Android media DB contains a lot of extra information that is not normally exposed. I am happy to code a custom solution (either on the phone, or externally if the DB is an accessible format) to solve this problem.

    If others believe there is another forum and route I should be taking, please do let me know. All assistance is very much appreciated.
    07-01-2015 07:52 PM

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