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    I've had my Samsung galaxy young GT-S5360 since Christmas and it has been really good. However since Wednesday it is been saying that there is no SIM when there is. When I check on my storage it gives me an option to unmount my SIM, and all of my contacts, music and photos are there.
    I can also no longer send or receive messages or calls, and when I try to call someone it says it is not recognised, and when I try to send a message it says it is unable to.
    I definitely have credit in it.
    please help ASAP as this is infuriating as I cannot get a hold of family when needed.
    07-26-2015 03:15 PM
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    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    Just to clarify, you will probably have a micro SD (memory) Card, and a network / carrier sim card in two different locations.

    Your Contacts are not normally saved on the SD Card, but your photos and music would.
    Some people save a small list of contacts on the SIM card (which has very small amount of storage only for contact numbers, or they may be Google or Samsung contacts, which you can recover from your Google or Samsung account.

    Anyway, we can guide you on that.
    It's very possible the SD Card is failing, they do.
    If there's a pc available, you can connect to it with an sd card adapter, or usb cable while in the phone, and save the data on it if it hasn't corrupted completely.
    There's a lot of things to walk you through, but right now you want the SIM card to work so you can receive calls and data from your network or carrier.

    Try going to Settings - Contacts - Menu - Contacts to Display - Sim, or Google, Device, or Samsung contacts instead of All and see where your Contacts are.

    Also go to Settings - (Calls) - More Networks - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names, open and see if there are a list of apn settings there from your network / carrier.

    It may just be a case of taking out the SIM card, putting it back in and turning on again and wait about 20 minutes to see if the apn settings re-install from the sim.
    07-26-2015 06:17 PM

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