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    Yesterday, my Coby Kyros (Model MID 7065) was charging and things went downhill from there. Just about every process my tablet ran stopped and I couldn't do anything with it (I still can't). When I tried to turn it off and turn it back on, it won't go past it's loading screen. After about 5-10 minutes of *pretending* to be making progress, it starts the loading screen over. Now this happens every time I turn it on; it won't go past it's loading screen. I've decided to hard reset it ( I haven't yet) but I wanted to backup the photos, music, etc. that I had on there before I do so. But when I plugged it into my computer (via USB cable) my tablet won't show up on the connected devices list. If it doesn't show up, I have no way of copying the music and photos I have saved on it. The SD card is internal and the back of the tablet does not come off, so I can't insert it into the computer. What is going on with my tablet? Does it have a virus? Is there another way I can backup the data from my tablet before I hard reset it? Please help!
    07-31-2015 09:41 PM

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