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    Alright. About 6 days ago I dropped by S4 Active on the kitchen floor. I was working on a cabinet above the fridge, so my phone was sitting on the fridge and as I reached down, I knocked my phone down. Case came apart and everything. Phone seemed to be working fine for a while.. charged fine. No cracks. Nothing. Then, just a few days ago it wouldn't charge. I would plug it in and the charge icon would show up, but it would drain. When I turned the phone off to charge, thinking it would help, the phone will light up with the battery icon to charge, then it shut down. It will continue to do this until I unplug.

    Took it to repairs, guy said it was the ribbon on usb charge port. Went home, plugged in, wouldn't charge, but charge icon showed. Took it back same day, guy orders usb port, attempts to repair same day. Come back 3 hours and he explains it's corroded. It's never ever had water damage. Never been close to water. Says the part where it's supposed to clip on on the left will not stay clipped on when putting case back on. Doesn't make sense?? I took the case off before I took the phone in to check for anything broken and everything was perfectly fine. When I took the phone home from repairs, the atenna was pulled out. Stripped. Wires showing and all. I have used different chargers, bought a new battery, no help. Now the new battery is being drained very fast, I can't recharge it and I'm curious if I buy the usb port and install myself, which is relatively easy, if that will fix it. With all parts and labor I have to spend, I'm probably better off buying a used phone from amazon, but afraid to do so as I've accidentally purchased an s4 that was blacklisted.

    Any input/ideas?
    10-16-2015 05:45 PM

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