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    Hi everybody,

    I have two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones that are paired to the pioneer bespoke headunit in a 2015 Scion FR-S that supports inbound and outbound texting. Both phones are nearly exactly the same, one is my wife's the other is mine. We are using T-Mobile as a carrier.

    Phone 1 paired up using BT to the headunit, The phonebook contacts, incoming, outbound and missed calls, and texts both new, unread and read texts are displayed on the headunit and it works exactly as expected and described. I can take inbound, make outbound calls, received texts with show the new message notification and the headunit will read the texts verbally and allow me to respond either with a template message or a typed response through the headunit.

    Phone 2 will do everything phone 1 will do with the exception of the texting functions.

    When pairing the phones to the headunit I get the expected prompts asking for access to the phonebook, call history and text history. I answer accordingly and check the do not ask again prompt. Phone 1 immediately shows the proper information. However phone 2 will display the contact list, call history, make and receive inbound/outbound calls but when it comes to the texting section the headunit just displays "refreshing" but never actually loads the texting history of the phone or will never allow and outbound text.

    I have reset the headunit many times and the described behavior is consistent and always stays with the particular phone, regardless of which one is paired first or second, alone or with both. I've gone as far as to swap sim cards/ sd cards between phones and the behavior stays with the phone. I have done a wipe on phone 2 and the behavior still persists. Both phones are running kitkat and behave exactly the same when not paired to the headunit. I gone through just about every iteration I can think of to try to isolate the issue, between iterations I always remove all the data from the headunit using the "delete personal information function" as though I was selling the car.

    At this point I'm simply stumped and am just looking for somebody elses opinion. FWIW, it doesn't really matter as phone 1 is mine and I'm the primary user of the car but I can't understand why phone 2 is behaving differently. I'm using this as a learning experience on how I might correct the issue.

    Any advice or other steps to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance.
    10-24-2015 08:28 AM

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