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    First off, I swear this is different from the others. I'm led to believe this is a phone problem not a network one. Anyways, I have an HTC One M7 and it has been working fairly well (not counting its inability to connect to most things/sync/get rooted/charge/etc), until I updated my phone last night. Since my update to 4.4.2 my Messages have been wonky. I am able to send texts and all that just fine...but anytime I wish to attach anything to a text this is what happens. Lemme walk you through the process:
    - Open messages
    - Pick contact
    - Click attachment icon
    - Select/take picture/video to attach
    - Reads "Please wait..."
    - Brings me back to album menu, hasn't attached anything
    - Click back arrow or button, and find myself back to msg home screen
    - Go back to contact's text, notice nothing has been attached
    - Complain
    - Try clearing caches, resetting, connecting to dif networks or just wifi/data, and so on
    - Complain more
    - Try to troubleshoot
    - Aaaand here we are, with more complaining

    So I feel pretty medium about this update, it looks fresh, has some different things, but it's not worth it if I can't do something basic like that.

    I'm really hoping there's something super obvious that I missed so I can just be flamed a bunch but have my problem quickly fixed. Any and all help will be much appreciated!


    11-17-2015 11:03 PM

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