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    I woke up this morning my phone had automatically installed Samsung Internet browser for android. I didn't want this and I don't like it. Is there anyway I can change it back? If so, how do I do it? I don't need Samsung Internet for Android. The stock was great and I liked the tab features much better. I have a Note 3 and I love it. My boyfriend just recently found this Samsung Internet for Android and put it on his phone so that it would be closer to mine because Chrome didn't have back and forward buttons and mine did. I had no need for this change. I like the way my original browser showed the tabs I have open on the side of my screen. I do not like the way this one presents them. And the icon is so hard to distinguish from others. I want my world icon back. I just simply want my original stock browser back. Please help! How do I get it back? Thanks for any help with this matter.
    04-18-2016 10:40 AM
  2. sfoLAX's Avatar
    I think you just had an update to version 4.0 that overhauled a few things. It was always called Internet, when it had the earth icon.

    Try going to Settings Applications Manager and see if Internet version 3 is there alongside version 4 and then you can disable the new app, or open version 4 for the App Info page and try Uninstall Updates if available. I no longer have a Note 3.

    Try using the new app for a while. The features you want may still be there, but not by default.

    You can read the new app details on its Play Store page, or Galaxy Apps.
    04-18-2016 11:06 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Go to the play store, find a browser you like and install it. You can have a dozen browsers installed if you have the storage space, and you can make any one of them the default.
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    04-19-2016 12:31 AM

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