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    I got my S7 edge on the first day, and put a 64 GB Kingston microSDXC card on it that I have had on my Galaxy S5 for almost 2 years now. It worked normally, as expected.

    A couple days ago, though, I got an error message in the camera app, after taking a picture, which said "Can't save the picture in the microSD card. Switching to default location" (something like that). I changed the save location to the microSD card again, and every time I take a picture, I get that message and it switches to the phone storage.

    I backed up the contents on the card to my PC, and formatted it, and the problem persists.

    I thought I had a defective card (that happens), so I tried using that same card in another phone (the old Galaxy S5) and on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab. Both devices were able to store pictures on that microSD card. Then I tried my wife's microSD card on my phone, and was NOT able to store the pictures there either!

    I don't know if my phone is defective, or if there's some kind of setting or write protection that it set on the card, or what is going on, but this issue is driving me nuts.

    Other strange things I've noticed are not being able to move files to my microSD card on the phone, or to the card when plugging the phone with the card in it to a PC, but if I take out the card and plug it directly into the PC with an adapter, I can move things to it with no issues.

    Has someone got any advice for this?!?!
    04-19-2016 10:46 AM

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