1. Kuhkot's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F), non-branded, with the Android version 5.1.1 on it. According to many websites, the software update for it to 6.0.1 has been available since March (and even earlier for branded phones). Yet, in my phone settings, it says that there is no update. When I launch SmartSwitch (Mac), it doesn't give me an update option, either. Here's a screenshot: i.imgur.com/BCnObor.png

    Why is everyone else getting updates except me?
    Is there a way to "force" the update?

    Thank you in advance!
    05-08-2016 05:33 AM
  2. Tech-Newb's Avatar
    It depends on your phone's region. Got mine since early april (SM-G925F) on indonesia.

    Posted with ❤Love❤
    05-08-2016 08:01 AM
  3. chanchan05's Avatar
    You can check here:
    Firmwares - SamMobile

    Note that you need to know exactly which version S6 you have.
    05-08-2016 09:50 AM
  4. Kuhkot's Avatar
    The region is Germany. As I mentioned, it's supposed to be available since March.
    05-08-2016 01:24 PM
  5. chanchan05's Avatar
    Did you even check the link?
    05-08-2016 05:25 PM
  6. Kuhkot's Avatar
    Yes, and there is a version for my phone. But wouldn't it delete everything on my phone if I install it using Odin?
    My original question was if there's any way to get my built-in update function to work, since it doesn't recognize the new update.
    05-09-2016 08:30 AM
  7. chanchan05's Avatar
    If you are rooted then no the built in function will not work.

    You didn't mention specifically which Galaxy S6 you have, as there are several models in there so I can't double check for you. You'll just have to wait.
    05-09-2016 09:52 AM
  8. Kuhkot's Avatar
    Sorry. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, SM-G925F, G925FXXU2COH2, German.
    The device is not rooted. The update search doesn't prevent me from searching. It just says that the newest updates "are already installed."
    05-10-2016 12:56 PM
  9. Asif Tahiry's Avatar
    there are no option to i can update my s6 edge
    08-08-2016 07:31 AM

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