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    I'm trying to root my never to be updated by Samsung SM-T520 via CF-autoroot, but cant get Odin (tried several versions) to connect to/find my tab! Tried several cables, re downloaded correct CF-autoroot exe , again different Odin versions. My computer is running win 7 HP, and only Peter I have access too! I d/L'd different samsung usb drivers (all supposedly for my device, but all had different version #s). Turned off firewall, rebooted comp/factory reset tablet. Shows up as different devices different times I try to connect to computer... Sometimes media player, sometimes modem .... Never just shows up as "samsung device".. Its always buried under something! Can someone please help me out?? (i know how to root... Just can't connect to Odin!)

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    06-18-2016 07:07 PM
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    I'm guessing you also enabled USB Debugging in Developer options? Also, not sure if you ever connected the tablet to your computer before this, but Win7 requires a few things existing on your computer...

    1) Windows MediaPlayer 11 (or at least the distribution files) ... if you uninstalled WMP11, you need to reinstall it
    2) Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework ... Win7 should already have it, but if you turned off the Service, you need to turn it back on
    3) Samsung USB drivers ... you said you installed it, so this should be there
    4) At least Windows Installer 3.1... check to make sure it's there
    5) Net framework 3.5 ... check to make sure it's there

    I haven't run Win7 for a while, so 1,2,3 are definitely needed... 4,5 maybe, but it wouldn't hurt to have them.
    06-18-2016 07:49 PM

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