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    I have a google account synced between my desktop, galaxy s5 and laptop. My grandson has an android phone also, but he is too young to have his own google account. I would like to download a tracking app from the play store onto his phone.
    (I already have it on mine.) However, entry into the store on his phone is a no go because of the lack of an account. Can I sign into my google account on his phone to access the store and do the download and install?

    Secondly, if this is doable, how do I prevent him from then accessing the various facets of my account, i.e., gmail, drive, etc? Is it possible to get to the app, install it and then make my google account "disappear" or at least be inaccessible to him?
    07-05-2016 10:11 PM
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    Hello. Sorry for the delay.

    I didn't know about age restrictions for a Google account. Are you sure.

    One possible option is to make yourself the owner / primary user on your Google account. It will be on your device list and trackable.

    You then make your son another User, allowing phone call access, and access to his apps, but he can be locked out of your device and account as such.

    Pull down the notification shade and tap on the blue avatar, or Settings - Users.

    I think it will work like this, iirc, although to use his apps he will need an account.

    07-06-2016 09:11 AM

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