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    I have a Galaxy S5 and an Alpine 133 cbt bluetooth car stereo. This phone had been paired for over a year. Recently I activated the car mode on my phone to try it out, but hated it. So I deactivated it. Now my phone won't pair with my car. I have done the force stop and clear bluetooth cache in app manager. I have unpaired my phone from the alpine by disconnecting power to the stereo. I have done a factory reset to my S5 and every time I get the same message. Error connecting to alpine receiver. Incorrect password or pin. It doesn't give me an option to enter a pin. Please help!
    On a side note when my phone had the original software bluetooth was great. When I played Pandora I could turn off my car come back turn the car on and Pandora would play where it left off automatically. After they updated software I lost that where I'd have to pull out my phone and press play again. I'm hoping I can have that function back since doing the reset.
    07-10-2016 12:16 PM

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