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    I recently got a new tablet from America (I'm from the UK) and it my currency was from America but I obviously don't use dollars in the UK. So I call Google up and ask them to help me change my account back to UK so when I do buy apps they will have the Sterling currency rather than the Dollar.

    After its all done and dusted my Facebook just stopped working now I can't get that or the message app to load at all. The app was working before I did all this baring in mind.

    I have tried deleting the cache, data, stopped the process and even gone to the length to factory reset my tablet but it's still not working. I thought hey maybe if I change my details back it would fix it but it didn't help at all... I changed the date and time as well to match boy country's but never worked.

    I have Samsung Tab 4 and haven't had it too long just wondering why Facebook isn't working u every other app works 100%

    Thanks guys
    07-21-2016 01:42 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, when you open the fb app - what happens? are you able to access fb through the Chrome browser?
    07-25-2016 07:16 AM

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