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    Hi!!! I've wasted hours now trying to make simple edits to a word doc, using a new LG tablet (it was an att freebie). the app that came installed on the tablet is "think free word" (part of the think free office suite).
    All was going well but at some point, it seems some weird auto fill or replace (???) feature got turned on. Making it now impossible for me to word on the doc at all!

    Every time I start to delete text (any location in the doc) it instantly cuts the word I'm trying to edit or delete and moves that word to a complety different (completely unrelated) spot somewhere else in the document. It doesn't matter where or what I'm trying to edit.. seems to relocate the text I'm editing to the exact same location in the document every time. (In this case it's a specific spot in a sentence In the second paragraph of my document).

    So for example, say I start to edit the word "cat" towards the end of my document . Instead of letting me edit cat in its existing spot, it instantly cuts it from its current location and relocates "cat" to this other (very specific) spot in the document.
    . Whatever I try to delete/edit gets relocated from its intended spot to this other spot.
    I don't know why or what this feature even is! And I have no idea how to turn it off. I'm looked everywhere. And , worse, I now can't work on this document at all! Ive tried closing it out and then reopened it but the exact same thing keeps happening!

    What is this feature? What do I do??!!! Any help appreciated!
    08-27-2016 04:56 PM

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