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    My brother and I have used Hangouts for nearly 2 years, starting when Samsung eliminated ChatON. We have used it extensively because I do not have a text plan. Last night I received a text (a question) from his wife. When I got the answer to her question this morning, I went to Hangouts to send bro the answer. Her name was in my Hangouts list. Didn't remember that we had connected that way before, so I clicked on it, and there was all the chatting I've done with my brother! Looked on my laptop, and bro's name is still on the Hangout. I recently did an update on the phone, but was sometime last week and we have used Hangouts since then. Bro's name also changed on a group Hangout we're both part of, too. Brother and SIL have their own phones, his is Samsung, I think she has an iPhone. The Hangout in question is connected to his business' email address, so it wouldn't be linked to her phone.
    12-12-2016 02:47 PM
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    Just looked and the Hangout on the phone is only going back into the latter half of November. I'm able to access at least many months back on my laptop. Oh, I'm the OP.
    12-12-2016 02:59 PM