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    I have searched all over for help with this, to no avail. I have downloaded my shipping label 10 times, which is the limit, to my 3 different samsung galaxy android tablets, and my 5 note phone, trying different things, and it always downloads too small - I cant find any options to make it do it correctly, and have looked for and tried settings on my Chrome browser, Adobe apps, system settings, print app settings, etc.

    I'm not at my regular home, without my printer, desktop and laptop, so I have to rely on my android phones and tablets, have no access to a wireless printer, so I have to download my shipping labels, then email them to the office where I temporarily live, or to Staples / Office Max so they can print them. But I cannot get them to download or save at the correct size.

    The problem is that when I download the shipping label, the pdf file is too small. When I click ' print label' on ebay, since my tablet is not connected to any printers, the only option I have is to download it as a pdf file.

    I think that the problem is how it downloads from ebay, vs a printer problem, because I can see that the image is too small from looking at the pdf file on my screen.
    I have tried all kinds of things, like downloading different apps to my tablet, tried converting document to Word, but the root of the problem is that the shipping label is coming through too small. I've also tried clicking the option on ebay where it says to click if it prints too small, I've tried different Chrome page settings like " request desktop site" and the reverse. I've downloaded different printer apps, etc.

    Can anyone help me? It seems that it should download the correct size from ebay. The only option I have come up with, is to have the person at the office or store who is printing it for me, to have them play around with the page size settings which wastes time and paper, and never prints the label to the exact correct size - I can't operate the computer that prints the label, so I have to rely on others to play around with the page size, and I do not like the idea of not having the correct size label to put as postage on my packages - it doesn't seem right.

    Plus, there were several times when I ended up taking my packages to the Post Office to label them there, and lost all my profit because of paying higher retail costs.

    I am going to get a printer to use while traveling, but I am wondering if the labels will still be too small, because of using my android tablet - I think that ebay's system might not be compatible with tablets when it comes to shipping labels.

    Have any of you had experience with printing shipping labels from or downloading to an android device? Any info would be very helpful.

    Thank You!!!
    03-25-2017 11:55 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What happens if you long-press the Print Label button? Do you get any other options? Is there any option to share/upload it to Google Drive?
    03-27-2017 07:03 PM

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