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    Default says its in stores....

    Appears that the stores have recieved shipments. The site says they are in stock in most stores.
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    The BB website still shows unavailable for all stores local to me. I will keep an eye on it though.

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    Default Re: says its in stores....

    Yup, still says unavailable. Probably a small, short error on their end.
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    Definitely not availible in store, or atleast near me. I went to get mine exchanged last night and the guy said to go pick another one out from the computer section. I asked if he was sure he had em in stock, so he scanned it to be sure and said, "Ummm we don't even sell this..." So he ordered me one from the website, where it does seem to be availible.

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    Default Re: says its in stores....

    Yeah, not available to me either and if you look it also say unavailable for shipping so i thinks this another BB scam so they can get more orders.
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    It's not a freaking scam, for God's sake. Probably confusion around the pick up at store option, which means orders can be shipped to stores for pickup, not that they're actually in stock there.

    Relax, people.

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    Default Re: says its in stores....

    I was told today that my local best buy in St. Louis would have them in stores on the 15th, for purchase.
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    Default Re: says its in stores....

    It may not be in the stores, but I ordered my Prime and dock from on Friday and got the UPS shipping notice this afternoon! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week.
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    I still waiting for my tracking #. I hope I get by tonight.

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    I got my tracking information for the keyboard today too

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