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    Exclamation Apps crashing - Tablet is useless right now! Help!

    Iīve had my Transformer 101, with Android 3.1 for 2 years now and today it started crashing all of a sudden. I feel really worried because I donīt know what to do!
    It has been working perfectly today, but after I was using Mozilla Firefox I started getting multiple crash reports "The application Maps (process com.google.android.apps.maps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." And the same message for every single app. I tried restarting and the same thing will happen. I havenīt been able to use it ever since because I just canīt open any app! Iīm so worried!

    If I try to send a report, it tells me there is no space left on device and I have about 6GB free space. I try to delete files and it wonīt let me.

    I also noticed that after this happens, the internet logo turns to gray. If I disable the Wifi and enable again, it wonīt reconnect and it says "error". Only after I restart the device, the Wifi works again for some minutes before everything starts crashing.

    I really need help because I donīt have a lot of knowledge regarding Android or electronic device, so I hope someone can help me. I have a lot of information on my device and I donīt want to loose it. The only app that runs is the game Tapped Out.

    If I open the "Accounts and Sync" menu in settings, all the Google related apps show an error, and they donīt sync.

    I appreciate your help and patience, this is my first time in these kind of forums.
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    Default Re: Apps crashing - Tablet is useless right now! Help!

    I have a tablet that is about 15 months old and is doing some of the same things as yours. It started with the native browser crashing after start up. So I tried using netflix and it also crashed after going to its start up page. I wiped it and tried again and still it crashes. I finally called asus and the gave me a rma number and I sent it in. Even though it is out of warranty I found out that my credit card co covers my purchases for an additional year so the repair will be covered. I hope they can fix it because what am I going to do with the transformer keyboard if they can't? I have read horror stories on this forum about sending your unit to asus for repair but I am hopeful. Time will tell

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    Default Re: Apps crashing - Tablet is useless right now! Help!

    I just got word that they repaired my tablet and it's on its way home. I never got an estimate so I guess they repaired it under warranty (even though I thought it was out of warranty). I only hope that it was repaired correctly.

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    Mary and Pat

    Both happy Samsung Note II users

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