Hello friends,

I bought an ASUS Fonepad 7 ME371MG a couple of days back. I was initially very pleased with the product until I figured out a key issue with it.
I found that my sdcard kept unmounting automatically every now and then and I had to manually re-insert the sd card or reboot the device to get things working again. Upon further investigation I realized that the issue occurred whenever my device was in a 2G Network. The problem persisted even when I tried using different sdcards of different classes: Samsung 16 GB Class 4, Transcend 8GB Class 4, San Disk 16 GB Class 4 and Kingston 8 GB Class 4. As a temporary work around I have changed network setting to WCDMA only.

Could you please let me know if anyone else is facing the same issue? Has ASUS fixed this bug?
My device runs the latest firmware version of 3.2.27 but the bug still persists...

Please help

Thank you..