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    Default Does ASUS 10.1 Tablet take ear phones

    I have tried two sets of ear phones and I can seem to get the dang things working when plugged into the tablet of mine. Am I doing something wrong here or does this tablet not come with an earphone jack?
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    Default Re: Does ASUS 10.1 Tablet take ear phones

    You are presumably trying to insert the headphone plug into the jack that has the headphone symbol. First, make sure you've pushed it in all the way. You should feel or hear it click into place. These jacks can be a little tight, so you sometimes have to push in firmly.

    Next, what kinds of headphones have you tried? Are they purely headphones, or do they have inline controls or microphones as well? If the latter, then they might not be compatible, since a number of those kinds of headphones are specifically designed for iPhones and other iOS devices, which use a slightly different standard jack than Android. Beats headphones are known for not being completely compatible with Android.
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    Default Re: Does ASUS 10.1 Tablet take ear phones

    Ditto to everything B. Diddy wrote plus this: I had some trouble getting headphones/earbuds to work the very first time I tried to listen on phones after receiving the device. At first I got weak audio and only coming out of one ear. I backed the plug out completely and pushed it in smartly the second time. When I got it plugged in and working, the metal portion of the plug was completely inside the jack and all that was visible was the black plastic part of the plug. When the parts come from the factory they are tight. You need to insert the plug with authority. Just don't go all neanderthal on it and break everything. You have to be firm with it but without excessive force. If you plug the earphones in and there is a gap between the body of the plug and the side of the device, back it out and try again. The first few times I did mine it seemed to be sensitive to the angle in which I inserted the plug.

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