Have had Pad for a couple of months and downloaded quite a few apps.
This was done under an original email account.
Last night I had to contact an app developer's email address and I had to set up a G-Mail account to contact him. I thought I would
cancel the original e-mail account I had for the Play Store.
That was a bit dumb!
Because, although all my apps are all still showing in the device's 'APPS' listing and work properly, when I go into the 'MY APPS' on Google Play only the apps 'tied' to the device show up.

The problem is that there is now no 'uninstall' feature for my own downloaded apps.
I was thinking of making a list of all the apps I have downloaded and then Uninstall and reload within Play Store, so that they will now show under the G-Mail account.

From reading forums I now have realised that cancelling an email account 'drops off the apps from the Google Play Store.

I guess there is no other simpler way to recover the uninstall action for the apps??

Over to you!