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    Thumbs down Black Screen of Death


    I have this tablet for 3 months and already happened 3 times.
    The Tablet goes in a kinda deep sleep freeze, It won't charge, turn on, reset (volume up + power button), or give any life sign.
    It just stay the same solid black screen.
    After some time I link it to the charger, try the power button and it's back to life.
    I already saw a lot of people reporting the same problem on Android 4.2, but still no solution.

    Does anyone knows what's going on? Or have a solution for this?
    Thank you for any suggestion.
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    I have the same problem for a couple days now. Searching for answers.

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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    I found a fix. Band-aid fix really.
    Take the back off the tablet and unplug the battery connector. Wait a second then reconnect. Voila! It works.

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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    That worked for me as well. Thank you for the tip.
    The issue is still a problem, any layman won't be able to reproduce the solution...
    I'm not sure if the problem is on Android or Asus, still, I bought an Asus product that doesn't work well, had to leave a 1 star feedback on Amazon...
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    My ASUS MeMo8 is doing the same thing. I am getting ready to send it off to service as it is still under warranty. I haven't even had the thing for six months !! I went to use it last night and it was black. :-(

    Should I try the quick fix or not do it and send it for service?
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    I have also only had my tablet for 3 months and have had it go to black screen. I can hear the volume going up, and down but no picture. I called support they, said charge it for 4 hours then call back if screen still black. I have the memo 8. I have tried these other reset option s and am afraid the tablet is a loss
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    would waiting till the battery runs out and then turning it back on work the same as taking the battery out?

    because i dont have the tools to take the back of my memopad 7 off
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    thank you so much dude amazing
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    Default Re: Black Screen of Death

    It seems like a OS hang, it even hang buttons... So a power drain or battery unplug does solve this, happen on my Asus Transformer, heard of happening in Samsung Note, and some other chinese tablets; very different hardware

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