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    Default Wifi dropping

    I got the 700t a few days ago. I have a problem staying connected to wifi. I thought the 700t was supposed to cure the problems with the 700 dropping connections but mine is dropping.
    My old tablet - an ipad 2 - has not trouble staying connected. I have been walking around to different room sin my house with both tablets and it makes no difference where I am.

    If I disconnect and then reconnect to wifi the problem is solved for a few minutes.

    I installed wifi analyser and am getting -40 strength. In settings it says my connection is excellent and never shows an indication I am dropping off.

    I also installed wifi static to create a static ip adddress but that makes no difference.

    Any suggestions?

    Oh, it is unlocked and rooted.
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    Default Re: Wifi dropping

    I'm having challenges with dropping too, but mine is because of low signal strength. I have an iPad 1st gen, and the antenna must be significantly better as I can get full signal and consistently stable wifi anywhere in my house with my iPad, but with the Asus, unless i'm in the same room as my router, I get mid to low signal strength, and when it's low it typically drops.

    Hoping a patch or OS updates fixes the issue... quite frustrating to be honest.
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    Default Re: Wifi dropping

    Having same issue here with wi-fi dropping. Need a fix for this asap as it is a real pita.
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    Default Re: Wifi dropping

    We can hope. Could there be a fix by a rooted rom or would it require a hardware fix like the dongle for the older 700?
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    Default Re: Wifi dropping

    brand new infinity user, waited for JB to come out and see if problems would be fixed. Immediately started having wifi drop, its really annoying and frustrating. I had the original transformer and didn't have these wifi issues, has any fix come out for this or will we have to suffer through Prime users agony as well?

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