I just got my TF700t and a dock. Now, I have a great little pseudo-laptop, and all was well... Until I discovered a use to which I'd like to put my new toy. For my use to actually work, though, I need to be able to open the unit 180 degrees - flat... Of course, with the way the dock is built, it only opens to perhaps 140 degrees. Although I can do what I want without the dock attached, I'd prefer being able to keep the extra battery power available for use. This brings me to my question:

Does anyone know of any cables out there that can allow me to connect the dock to the tablet without using the hinge? I will be setting the two devices side-by-side and not using the keyboard (as I said, I just want the extra power the dock's battery provides).

If no one has created any such cables, then my second option is to use a battery pack. I've seen them out there, but not having used them, I'm open to user reviews here...

Thanks in advance for any help.