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there is an update that keeps popping up to upgrade my camera firmware but every time i try it fails. ive cold booted a few times, and when it restarts it tries to update the camera firmware but fails. my current camera version is listed as TTF700T-0xFFFFFFFF. any ideas what it could be?
Sneakersislife, I don't know if this can help you or not regarding your camera, though maybe you are willing to try.

You know how in 4.2, the developer options have been hidden, and that you can access the developer section if you tap 7 times on Build Version.

Well, if you tap on Camera Version, also about 7-10 times (fast) then it brings up a screen where it looks like you can update 3 things, the third in the drop down menu is camera.
I haven't had a need to update/modify anything there and didn't want to mess anything up, since my camera works. However, if you're willing to try, could be it can help you get the version needed.

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