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    Wink My tablet has suddenly stopped charging and responding

    My tablet was working for many months and then one day my battery was running very low so I plugged in the charger. The orange LED came on and when I went back about 4 hours later I turned it on and noticed that it had only gone up to 12%. So I put it back on charge, the orange LED came on and again I came back to check on it and it in fact had not charged at all and turned off. I could not restart it, I tried all sorts of rebooting tips and tricks that I have read on many forums but to no luck. I therefore was told to buy a new charger cable.

    I did this and it worked again for about a month. It now has done the exact same thing, but this time I do not get an orange LED and it has no life what so ever. When I plug it into the wall the charger becomes extremely hot, so much that it cannot be touched. I have therefore stopped using this and have tried it in the USB hub in my PC. Still no luck. Is this the end of my precious tablet

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    Default Re: My tablet has suddenly stopped charging and responding

    what tablet is it? I had the 1st Gen Nexus 7 and this constantly turned off without reason. I sent it back as it was under warrenty and they gave me a new one, which still works. I would suggest returning it, it sounds like an internal issue, not the charger itself.
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    Default Re: My tablet has suddenly stopped charging and responding

    It is the Transformer TF700 I believe :S however the docking station says ee pad TF101 Mobile Docking, so maybe its that (good I know that lol) Mine has just ran out of warranty which is typical.

    Thank you for your reply

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