I'm a n00b and I need help. I've spent lots of time reading online and haven't found anything that really fits my case.

Motorola Atrix ME860. Chinese version which means that it doesn't have Google Play store or anything. Running Froyo 2.2.2.

Because it has a really crappy Chinese OS, the ultimate goal is to flash CyanogenMod 9. Got Gingerbreak app's .apk via phone browser and successfully rooted the phone.

I'm on a Mac, so I had to use Parallels to attempt unlocking the bootloader. Successfully installed Motorola Drivers, RSD Lite, Android SDK (downloaded SDK Tools and Google USB Driver).

Used RSD Lite to try flashing the . Yes, I've seen the comments on that link about Chinese phones. Wasn't concerned because I've never accepted any OTA updates or flashed down to Froyo as discussed . I don't know why, but RSD Lite didn't successfully flash the unlock sbf file.


Power + up volume = SVF: 108:1:2 Failed to boot 3 Starting Fastboot protocol support

Power + down volume = SVF: 108:1:2 Failed to boot 3 Entering nv flash recovery mode (It flashes this for about three tenths of a second and then the screen goes black.)


•Have I bricked my phone?

•What's the next step? The power + up volume option seems to show some promise....

•Can I flash a 2.2.3 Gingerbread file to at least be able to USE the phone and then try unlocking the bootloader again?

Because I'm a n00b, if you have advice/directions, the more specific the better. Thank you so very much.