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    Default Copy files to second fat32 partition?

    Some time ago I created an SD bootable CM7 for my nook color. It's been a while since I used it, and now I'm not sure how to copy files to my SD card.
    There are 4 partitions. The boot fat32, two linux partitions and a fourth emmc fat32 partition.

    I did try the wifi server thing, and seemed to work. However, it's having trouble with large files.

    I figured I should be able to simply plug it in and copy files. That doesn't work. I plugged in the micro sd to the usb, that doesn't work. I learned windows can only see one partition on a sd card at a time. So how do I copy the files to the sd card?

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    Default Re: Copy files to second fat32 partition?

    O.K., turns out the first approach should have worked fine. I needed to delete and reinstall the Nook Color driver.
    Then go to SD storage and turned on the SD support. It all works good.


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