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    Default How to add apps if not rooted?

    I hope I can find some help here. I got the wife the Nook Color for Christmas and she loves it, but she won't let me rot it. So, it remains stock. She would like to add a couple of apps to it if possible, and supposedly there will be an update this month that should allow for the market (although it will be heavily restircted). However, is there a way to add simple things like solitaire, hearts, and basic games like that to it now?
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    Pretty. Sure you have to be rooted. Its a pretty easy process to undo in case you are worried about warranty issues.

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    Yeah I thought as much until they supposedly update it to 2.2 in "late january." Thanks, though. I am all for rooting it, but the wife does not like the idea. I will continue to try and talk her into it and continue waiting for 2.2 to be released.
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    Well I can see who wears the pants in that relationship.

    Root it and install some apps for her. Put the market on it. She'll be so happy she'll forget all about telling you not to do it. the absolute worst thing that could happen is that you have to revert back to factory stock image and set it up again. UNLESS - she goes to B&N and uses the read in-store feature. If she does that then you'd better not root, because at the moment rooting it disables those features.
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    Well, it being hers and with myself barely getting to tuch the thing as it is always in her hands, I assessed the situation as hostile unless I can show her how much better it would be rooted. So, I have been gathering info about rooting to make my case. As I don't use the Nook Color myself it has no impact to me personally. Yet, my sexual life may be impacted if I force it on her. So, I will simply keep offering to root it for her until she finally agrees.

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