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    Default MLB At Bat and MLB.TV

    I am running CM7 RC4 and decided to purchase MLB At Bat `11. It works great, however I do not see the option to watch MLB.TV (I have registered my MLB.TV account).

    The disclaimer states that Android 2.2 and flash are required to view MLB.TV, and I appear to meet those requirements but no MLB.TV option is available.

    Has anyone else been able to get MLB.TV working on MLB At Bat `11 either using CM7 or a different firmware?
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    there seems to be a supported devices list that includes:

    There is a list of supported Android phones capable of live streaming
    video of the games. We are adding new phones to be supported through out
    the Spring Training. The list is as follows:

    Droid 2
    Droid X
    HTC Evo
    Samsung Epic
    HTC Hero
    Samsung Galaxy
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    That list is merely a list of verified devices (and only includes devices with stock firmware). I doubt the app is checking for particular firmware versions in order to allow/disallow the MLB.TV support. The same page that provides this list also says that MLB.TV is available to any v2.2 or later android devices running flash.
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    I am having the same issue. Anyone?
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    I got it working!

    I can not take credit for this, I found it on another site. I can confirm that this indeed gets MLB.TV working on MLB at Bat 2011 running on CM7 stable.

    First back up your build.prop. Next, edit your build.prop so that the fields use the values shown below:



    After saving the file, reboot and you should be able to watch MLB.TV (provided you have an MLB.TV account).
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    The fingerprint isn't needed. It works alright, not up to par with the PC version.
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    Another option is to download playon server for your computer and the playon app for your nook. Streaming MLB perfectly on the nook. You can also stream Netflix, hulu, and quite a few other channels.
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    +1 for PlayOn. Was my single biggest reason for getting an NC. So awesome!
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