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    Default Triple Boot Nook Color

    Does anyone know how to get the NC to do a Triple Boot They have what looks to be Cyanogenmod and Honeycomb running from the SD card and no changes to the internal memory. There is also a boot menu that will allow you to choose between which one to run. I did a search in this and other forums and was not able to find anything pertaining to this. Any ideas?
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    [ROMS]Dualboot Phiremod v6.1 / Honeycomb v4 2nd Edition Image for SDcard
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    and its FREE...
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    Thanks!! Looks like I got my project for tonight.
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    Thanks for the info. I have it installed and was able to Dual boot by holding down the "n" button. However, is there a boot menu available to choose to boot into stock, 2.3, or 3.0 like the person is offering?

    Edit: I did find a for the NC that will let me select between booting from the eMMC or SD, but I am now having trouble getting the HC version to load as it defaulting to Phiremod. I have tried holding the "n" after selecting to boot from SD in the boot menu. Your thoughts?
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    I too am interested in a triple boot nook. I already have CM7 on an SD (which I prefer over HC) but there are a few HC apps that I would like to run from time to time, and the wife likes the stock side. (she won't power off and remove the SD...women)

    In the mean time I will definitely try the Dual Boot with the Boot Menu.
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    Default Re: Triple Boot Nook Color

    So do we have a triple boot yet for stock nook - CM7 - Honeycomb 3.0 ?
    I dual boot between stock nook and CM7 - or swap sd card for honeycomb.
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    Default Re: Triple Boot Nook Color

    I know this is an old post, however, I thought I would update it with what I found recently.

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