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    Default Kindle fire vs nook tablet

    I am looking into buying a tablet under $180 and my two best choices are the nook tablet and the kindle fire. I have been comparing the two and am not sure which to get. I would like to get some opinions from people who own either device. Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of each device that I have made-
    Nook tablet vs Kindle fire


    -Nook tablet - $154.99 with $25 discount included with barnes and noble rewards membership ($179.99 otherwise)


    -Better quality, brighter, more responsive screen

    -Micro SD card slot

    -Able to be safely turned into a full android tablet without voiding warrantee with an androidfornook micro SD card ($19.99) which allows you to choose when you turn on your nook whether you want to boot it up into the nook os or android 2.3.7

    -Cheaper by $5 (with barnes and noble membership which I have)

    -More customizable

    -Better battery life

    -Strong if dropped, screen won't easily break or get scratched


    -Less apps available

    -Must purchase music from another place, only apps, movies, books, and magazines are available in the nook store

    -Slightly slower processor than kindle (1GHz dual core compared to 1.2GHz dual core)


    -Kindle fire - $159.99 + additional $15 if ads are removed


    -Lots of apps available

    -Slightly faster processor than nook (1.2GHz dual core compared to 1GHz dual core)

    -Can purchase songs, movies, books, magazines, and apps from amazon, compared to only apps, movies, books, and magazines from nook store


    -Less bright, not as good picture quality

    -Worse battery life

    -not as customizable

    -ads which to get rid of you have to pay $15

    -Only 8GB, no SD card slot

    -Cannot be safely turned into a full android tablet and if any attempt is made to turn into a full android tablet then the warrantee is voided

    -more expensive by $5 not counting the $15 needed to remove ads

    -not as strong as nook when dropped, screen will shatter if dropped onto a hard surface
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    Default Re: Kindle fire vs nook tablet

    Nook is more suitable for kids ,I think.

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