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    Default Phone audio via USB in nav dock.

    So, i got the combined USB/3.5mm audio cable for the car dock. Music works great over it, but call audio is not routed through it like it was when plugged through the headphone jack. It was a greater speaker phone.
    If i could just get that this car set up would be unbeatable.
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    Default Re: Phone audio via USB in nav dock.

    I'm curious as to what "combined USB/3.5mm audio cable" you got and where did you get it?
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    Moto has it as an accessory. It's just called a custom audio cable. It's pictured in the nav dock manual but wasn't included. I'll try to get the link.

    See this thread. There's a direct link to the cable in there.

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    Default Re: Phone audio via USB in nav dock.

    What about Navigation audio? Is it routed through USB? I have the cable on order, haven't received it yet. Psyched to have the music audio always available w/out the cord, but now I'm wondering if I should get one of the BT speakerphones... Might be worthwhile anyway, because the mic is quite a ways away when the phone is in the car dock.
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    Default Re: Phone audio via USB in nav dock.

    I just got my combo cable. The audio is not being output through the micro usb like i thought. It works slightly when I pull the 3.5 male half-way out; however, a full secure insert puts the audio back out of the speaker phone. Is there a setting I need to change. Does using the official 3.5 that came with the dock make a difference?
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    Did you get the cable from Moto? Mine works fine when fully inserted, but I haven't tried it with power applied because I don't have a 12v USB adapter yet ( coming Monday).
    I didn't try the nav with it yet but I'll repost when I do.

    Nav voice automatically comes out of the USB when it's connected...

    Best part of answering this is I found call audio comes through USB too IF you DISABLE the speakerphone on the dialer screen. I will have to make sure the mic works well but I think I'm satisfied, best car solution yet short of a good compatible Bluetooth car setup, though the audio quality is probably better with this cable.
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    Default Re: Phone audio via USB in nav dock.

    After much frustration & a lot of searching, I finally came across a very clever workaround for this issue in a Motorola Atrix-related forum. Cheers and many thanks to ACraigL (Andrew) for his original post.

    Here's how to get around it:

    1) Go to Android Marketplace and install an app called "Setting Profiles". The free Lite version will do the job.

    2) Run Setting Profiles on your phone.

    3) Create a new profile that turns off the speakerphone; call it "Speakerphone Off" or whatever. Hint: to create a profile that does this, clear all the checkboxes and all the green stars, then enable the green star for Speakerphone and make sure that checkbox is unchecked.

    4) Create a new Rule with the following two conditions: Docking State=car dock and Active Call. Use Add Tweak to add a 5-second Activation Delay (this is required so the phone doesn't override the Speakerphone Off setting). Finally, choose Add Action, Activate Profile, Speakerphone Off.

    Voila! All incoming and outgoing calls will now play through your car speakers via the Car Dock's audio out.

    Note: If you have trouble on your phone, try tweaking the delay time. The 5 second delay works flawlessly on my Bionic; the original poster said he ended up using 3 seconds for his Atrix.

    I hope this is helpful to other users.

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    Default Re: Phone audio via USB in nav dock.


    I got the dock but it came with a regular blue light car charger. Does anyone have a link to the combo cable? I searched quite a bit on the net and am amazed that it is not readily accessible. This sounds like a great solution!

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    This is my other thread about it. There is a part number in there. Maybe you can call Motorola directly.
    Bionic Car Mount Y-Cable?

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