Simply put, ever since I rooted my Droid Bionic I have lost the capability to pair and connect to Windows7. I have looked through countless Forum posts to find drivers for either my Bionic or my laptop. I have deduced that having my Bionic rooted has made it impossible to connect via blutooth. It worked flawlessly with the .905 S/W version but not the .246
Whats the deal, I've looked everywhere for one single driver and cannot find one! Motorola doesn't have any working drivers. Verizon also has not compatible drivers, even this Forum has no working drivers.....WTH is going on!?!?
I would really like to have the fix as I stream my music to my bluetooth players on both my laptop and my JVC bluetooth car audio and with out a fix, I can only use my Apple iPod4G/iPhone 5(which suck!) PLEASE HELP!