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    Default Any Point of Sale software users?

    Good day to everybody. I have a humble diner back home and I've been using this certain Point of Sale software and I've got to say, being a newbie when it comes to apps like these, it certainly is easy to use. I've never been really that much of a tech-savvy person but I have to say, it helped us and my employees to function more efficiently as a unit.

    are there any other POS that are worth a try? Or are there other alternatives than using a POS software? right now I'm pretty impressed by it so if there are any better tools that you guys know of, please let me know. Your comments and suggestions will be highly acknowledged.

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    Default Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    It really depends on the feature set and requirements that you need. There are several questions that you should be asking yourself when trying to find a POS solution. For example...

    Do you need accounting software integration (Quickbooks)?
    Do you prefer a system that you install on your own hard drive or a cloud based system?
    If cloud-based, how is your internet connection? Do you need offline support?
    Do you manage inventory?
    If restaurant, do you need ingredient level inventory tracking?
    Do you need to calculate items by weight?
    If restaurant, do you need online reservation or ordering capability?
    Do you need cash-handling features?

    I own a website called Merchant Maverick and we've written reviews for the major POS vendors on the market. You may find them helpful in your search.
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    Default Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    Hi Paul,

    As per your requirements, you can get different software similar to POS from ControlERP online store. Here you can find different softwares like Point of sale, inventory management, replenishment, retail crm etc.

    Thank You,
    Calvin Hewitt
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    Default Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    So for i am using DucePOS point of sales solution for my business retail management. even i would suggest you to give a try to that point of sales solution . for more visit ducepos[dot]com
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    Default Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    Try Retail Pro Point of Sale Software. It is complete retail solutions for the serious retailers. If you want to know more about it then visit to 24sevencart dot com
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    Lightbulb Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    Hey guys!

    Wanted to stop in and share a few of the benefits of Bitcoin with those who haven’t had a chance to hear / see everything in action, as it provides the ideal alternatives for android users to use devices as cost effective point of sale terminals. For those who haven’t heard, Bitcoin is a relatively new form of value exchange or currency with a number of unique benefits to traditional transactions.

    A great way to simplify eCommerce payments and ensure you are receiving the top dollar for your products includes the incorporation of Bitcoin payments into your strategy. This sounds like a lot of work, but really it's a quick process that can be set up in minutes with plugins, unique checkouts and payment buttons.

    The core benefits of Bitcoin within your business includes the elimination of chargebacks which we all know can be expensive on an annual basis. In addition, we save up to 3% on merchant transaction and service fees, which all added up can be anywhere from 1.5% - 10% annually.

    For those that are new to Bitcoin payments -

    Mainly, Bitcoin is a transparent currency that publishes all transactions on the block chain, which is a public ledger of any coin movements. This is great for transparency as you can see where funds are going in the context of donation based initiatives and sharing wallets.

    Sharing wallets with other parties is a Bitcoin specialty, as each wallet contains private keys used to spend currency. A number of private keys can be generated allowing multiple parties to disperse the control of accounts.

    Bitcoin is a peer to peer technology, meaning no service is needed to hold and transact funds. Basically for transfers, you can control accounts the same as a financial service, sending digital payments globally, for a fraction of the price, almost instantly. No service is needed to conduct the transaction, simply enter amount, wallet address, and you’re ready to instantly send funds to anyone, anywhere in the world.

    Tipping is a Bitcoin exclusive, and way to send currency over social media instantly, in any amount and for free. Facebook, G+, Twitter, Reddit and most popular social media platforms allow users to send currency through comments and messages. This comes in handy when a associate is visiting, without spare change to grab coffees on the way. Send them a message containing the correct value, and transfer them the $4.00 for two XL double doubles in seconds.

    Want to get started? Here’s a few resources that will help get your foot in the door and involved with Bitcoin.

    enjoybitcoins dot com

    Hope this cleared up any questions you may have had. Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for those curious of Bitcoin payments and the impact they might have on your organization as a whole.
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    Default Re: Any Point of Sale software users?

    Hey there, Paul,
    Hope you are doing good buddy!
    I too am a hotelier in my town. When it comes to POS software there are so many points to remember and take care of while making a purchase decision. Glad that you were lucky to get satisfactory results.

    I got my point of sale software from YumaPOS. These guys provide everything right from coffee shop POS to complex restaurant and bar point of sale software. You can get different modules like inventory, CRM, global admin, employee reporting, sales reporting, order history etc. to manage your business in a hassle-free way.

    If you need any upgrade and further maintenance services, you can always Google about their contact details. All the best (y)

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