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    I'm thinking of replacing my current phone, a year old Lumia 950 Dual Sim. My last use of Android as a daily driver is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, so it's been a while since I had a good feel for Android, though did spend a few days using a Nexus 5X - unfortunately as a daily driver it won't work due to only having 16GB storage.

    I'm British but planning a permanent move to the US, so a phone that works properly in both regions is essential, not optional. I need support for the following LTE bands:


    • I have a US sim on H20 Wireless, an MVNO using AT&T, which at $30 covers my needs with free calling to the UK (data allowance isn't big but 3GB is more than viable).
    • My primary SIM is on Three, but may switch back to GiffGaff, which is an O2 MVNO.
    • I also travel semi-regularly to Europe and support for Australian networks would also be helpful.

    The above covers everything I might need and my Lumia 950 supports the lot. Looks like most newer phones also support all of the above. Network speed doesn't really matter as the speeds modern chips support are simply not likely in real world use for a very long time...

    What I'm after:

    1) A phone that supports the above LTE networks, preferably dual SIM but not essential
    2) Either 128GB storage or the option to use an SD card - ideally a separate slot like in my Lumia Dual Sim but am not totally against having to maintain 2 phones
    3) Reasonable performance - Qualcomm 650 or 8xx would work
    4) Screen size of 4.6 - 5.2"
    5) Dedicated hardware camera shutter button and a decent camera.
    6) Fingerprint or iris scanner
    7) Price of £400 or less (the 950 set me back £350ish, not happy spending more off contract)
    8) Unlocked - not interested in buying a contract and if single sim must be unlocked so that I can swap UK/US SIMs as needed
    9) USB-C just makes life so much easier so is definitely preferred (and rules out the new Nokia's). USB 3.0/3,1 preferred but can stick with USB 2.0. QI charging would also be great as I have plenty of chargers for my Lumia collection, however I could get by without it.
    10) Android - W10M has unfortunately become just too unstable with the creators update on my Lumia 950. I also have iOS covered with a cheap iPod touch and while I like it, the UI is just not flexible enough for me.

    I've been taking a serious look at the Sony XZs and X compact which come in on budget and would fit in with all of the above except having to either choose a Dual Sim US model, or a single sim UK model with fingerprint sensor and no QI charging. Haven't found anything else that comes close to hitting the necessary tick boxes.

    Suggestions welcome.
    05-18-2017 08:08 PM

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