WooHoo! First post in this entire forum!

Why doesn't anybody seem to make a dual-port USB car charger that can put out a full 2A on EVERY port SIMULTANEOUSLY? The best I can find is one 2A + one 1A, and even those get reports of lower-than-advertised power.

I want to flush-mount a handful of USB ports into my family truckster and wire them up to a constant 12V supply so that the entire family of devices can be power simultaneously on long road trips. I'm content with having to hack up a lighter jack charger to get a pair of USB ports in a small footprint on my dash. I'm not content with having the tablets slowly discharge to zero even when plugged in simply because the charger is feeding them a weak trickle charge.

Do any of you know of a source for dual USB car chargers that will put out more than 1A on every port simultaneously?