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    Default Portable charger for Note 3

    Does anyone know a good portable charger or power bank that is compatible with note3?
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    Default Re: portable charger for note 3

    This is what I use to charge my devices while camping and traveling. Never had any problems and it charges pretty fast. I've tested it on iPod, GS2 Skyrocket, GS3, GS4, LG G2, and Note 2. Lenmar Helix 11000mAh External Portable Battery Pack & Charger (4.4A total & 3 USB Ports) for iPad,Tablets, iPhone, Android, USB Powered Devices; includes micro USB cable: Cell Phones & Accessories

    There's also this battery pack if you want something made by Samsung. Samsung Universal USB Extended Battery Up Pack for Smartphones and Tablets includes cables (9000mAh): Cell Phones & Accessories

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