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    Smile RAVPower 7800mAh Portable Charger / LED Camping Lantern Review

    Hello all!
    Today we have the RAVpower 7800mAh battery pack that also acts as a camping lantern! I will be reviewing this product on 3 areas. The first will be the build quality, second will be actual usage review (does it charge fast, how bright is the lantern function, etc.), and third will be about the overall ratings of the product itself.

    Let's begin!


    The build quality of this charger is very nicely built. The outside has a nice somewhat soft rubbery camouflage pattern coating on it. Inside the box comes with the charging cable (microUSB), the battery/lantern, a clip that can also be sealed with a built in screw, and the user manuals. The clip that comes with the device is quite sturdy and I have had no issues whatsoever using it and worrying it might un-clip itself. To securely attach it to the battery simply just screw in the little built in screw until it locks in. This device is absolutely awesome if you are planning a trip outside of the city or going camping or anything outdoors really. The built in lantern is a very nice touch and is bright enough to light up an entire tent. I have yet to determine the actual length of the lights but according to RAVpower the lantern function, if not charging a phone/tablet at the same time, will give you about 72 hours of light! On the Amazon website it states it has about 8 LED lights, however I was not able to see 8. I only saw about 3-4. To use the light lantern style just pull up on the ring on the top and pull it out. To use as a quick flash light simply turn it on and the round white light exit will emit the light that you need. There is a small half ring that clips into the device so you can clip it to your backpack using the included clip. This part of the battery is where I think lacks, at least twice I had this come off and the actual ring feels pretty weak. Other than that I believe everything else, from the battery to the cable that is included has a very good build quality to it. I especially love the feeling of soft rubbery feel of the battery itself.



    To use the battery charging function simply plug in either the cable that came with the battery or the one that came with your phone/tablet and just plug it in. It's as simple as that! There is no need to power on prior to charging, nor is there a need to turn the battery off after your finished. The battery will automatically shut itself off after about 5 seconds. And it will automatically turn on when you plug it in. To charge the battery simply plug in the included cable to a usb wall adapter or to your computer an the 4 LED lights above the power button will blink indicating that it is charging.

    It has been charging my Nexus 5 quite nicely however, the first battery that I received seemed to be a defective unit because it would not charge my Nexus 5 for more than 2 seconds, but it was able to charge an iphone 4 just fine. RAVpower has been kind enough to send me a replacement free of charge. And the replacement unit has been working flawlessly. It has a 7800mAh battery built inside which should be sufficient enough for your phone to charge at least 2-4 times depending on which device you have. Also keep in mind that if you are using the lantern function the charging of the phone or tablet will be reduced since they both use the same battery. The four LED light indicators shows you how much the battery has left, each LED is about 25% each, so the first LED is between 0-25%, second 25%-50%, third 50%-75%, and last 75%-100%.

    Now the clip that comes with it is very sturdy and well built.

    It may be built very sturdy but please do not use it for climbing, it is not built for that purpose! You can clip the lantern onto your backpack so you don't lose it or use it to light your way as you walk in a dark woods or camping areas. As I stated, above the little ring on top could use a little more support or maybe permanently attached to the device itself. The light itself is quite bright and should be more than enough to be able to light your tent or to light outside in your camping area.

    USAGE RATING: 8.5/10


    Over all this battery is amazingly well built and it does exactly what it states that it does. The lantern function on this could be a potential life saver when your out camping or out in the woods. It has a very large batter so you can use it just for the battery purposes, it's light, portable, and long lasting so you should have absolutely no problem using this. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is planning to go to a trip somewhere outside of an outlet. It's very useful and user friendly!


    If you would like to order this product for yourself you can go here:

    If you would like more information of the product you can go straight to the RAVpower website here: RAVPower Element 7800mAh External Battery, Power Bank, External Battery charger pack

    Well that's about it! If you have any questions or concerns about this product you can leave a post or PM me here on Android Central Forums!

    Also, if you think this review helped you in getting one yourself please either like or thank this post to let me know!

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