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I want to get an SD card for my Dell Streak 7. I was told it was a "standard
SD card". So, I checked out's prices...........not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TigerDirect is kinda high. Anyway..........I was thinking about getting a 16Gb
card, but amazon listed them in class. By clas I mean, (for example)
8Gb, Class 10........32GB, class 6.........etc. Now THAT'S throwing me off.
The Dell rep just said "it'll take a standard size", meaning not a micro card. didn't have too much of a selection. But, they DID have
some cards that were listed (for example) as Brand Name 2Gb SD.
This probably makes me sound like an *****. Being I know my way
around DeskTop computers fairly well.
I just want to make sure I get the right one.