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    Default [APP] Cygery Custom NavBar - Reclaim your screen space! (no root required)


    I'm the developer of Cygery Custom NavBar.
    Many devices use a navigation bar to provide the Home, Back and Recents buttons directly on the screen. Although this can reduce the overall size of the device, a lot of screen space is wasted by this navigation bar - especially on tablet devices.
    This app allows you to overlay your navigation bar with launcher icons, shortcuts and widgets without requiring root. Simply add your favorite apps to access them with a single click, add widgets to control music playback, screen brightness, toggle Wi-Fi, etc., without having to switch to your home screen!
    Currently, Android 4.1-4.3 are supported.
    A free trial version is available on Google Play:
    Full version:
    Feel free to post any questions or suggestions, feature requests, etc.!
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    Default Re: [APP] Cygery Custom NavBar - Reclaim you screen space! (no root required)

    Welcome to the forums.
    Good luck with your app.

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    Default Re: [APP] Cygery Custom NavBar - Reclaim you screen space! (no root required)

    The full version of this app is currently on sale (66% off the regular Euro price until Feb 16).

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