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    Default ICS Update won't install

    My rooted Droid bionic wont update to ICS. It downloads fine, but fail 1/3 of the way through while updating it fails. I have factory reset both through the settings and recover and it still won't work. After restoring the phone still is rooted and has my previous wallpaper. Any way I can fully reset the phone? It is running stock gingerbread.

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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    I have the same problem... Any ideas?
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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    I have the same issue - 905 stock with root. I tried 3 times with a restart of the phone between one of the 3 tries to no avail. I installed Bootstrap Recovery but I have never used it to install anything so I am wondering if this application causes a failure? Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks
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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    I found the solution for me. I flashed 905 with RDS Lite and then ran the update. Once done, I rooted and restored everything with titanium backup. ICS is sweet! Here is what I used:
    http://androidforums.com/bionic-all-...5-rsdlite.html I downloaded the stock 905
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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    Did you use the stock or modified 905 FXZ? Was your Titanium backup stored on the external sd-card or somewhere else? Thanks!

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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    I used stock 905. I stored my Titanium backup on my 32gb SD card, and removed the card during the RDS Lite flashing. I also back up the Titanium backup to my computer just to be safe.
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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    Thanks! Exactly what I'm about to do.
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    Default Re: ICS Update won't install

    This method did not work for me i still get about 1/3 the way through then it fails. Any suggestions?
    I used the original 905 my rsd is up to date and i have all the drivers installed. This is kind of irritating considered I had to reset it entirely I have made a titanium backup but its still frustrating that it was all for nothing.
    Input please and thank you

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