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    Default Lost 4G connectivity [Solved]

    I use the LTE OnOff app a fair bit to save battery power and today I hit the wrong setting when trying to turn 4G back on. Instead of tapping "LTE/EvDo/CDMA,", my aim was of a fraction of an inch and accidentally hit "LTE/GSM/WCDMA." I corrected it in the setting, but since then, it won't connect data at all unless I set it to CDMA auto (PRL).

    Setting it to the proper option, data will not connect in 3 or 4G. Rebooting the phone resets it to CDMA auto PRL, not to LTE/EvDo/CDMA like it used to. Even if already set to LTE/EvDo/CDMA without connection, it still reboots to CDMA auto.

    Any ideas how to get my 4G back?
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    Default Re: Lost 4G connectivity

    Yea, I found that since the ICS update, switching off the LTE, and then back on does not go well. So since I have the extended battery, I just leave LTE on all the time now, and still can get 2 days out of a single charge. I found that switching it back to LTE/CDMA/EvDo, then shutting down, battery pull for 5-10 min would fix the problem.
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    Default Re: Lost 4G connectivity

    Switching back and forth for me was never a problem. It was only the one time I hit the wrong option that things went screwball. I'll try the battery pull, though, when I have time later.
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    Default Re: Lost 4G connectivity [fixed]

    I was tinkering around and turned LTE/CDMA on via the app, went into the normal system settings to disable and re-enable mobile data in the data usage section, and as well as in the mobile networks settings. For whatever reason, 4G kicked on when enabled. I had tried battery and sim card pull tricks based on other people I saw with this issue with no success. Then I saw a thread for another phone with a similar problem concerning wifi toggle widgets, and they reported the widget wouldn't work sometimes but doing it via system settings would kick the radio on. I figured it's worth a shot on mine.
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    Default Re: Lost 4G connectivity [fixed]

    Cool, glad to hear you got it fixed, and thanks for updating. Should the need arise, I now know what to do.
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    Default Re: Lost 4G connectivity [Solved]

    No promises it will work for everyone. Sounds like one of those problems that has different solutions based on how temperamental your phone is. Lol

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