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    Default No LTE after Battery Swap


    My Bionic (4.1.2 Jelly Bean) was dropping service at random and suddenly losing massive amounts of battery, so I figured that I'd buy another battery. I bought one of these (because of course VZW doesn't have any batteries for them) and put it in last night, then charged it up.

    Haven't had 4G since.

    So far, I have:
    Rebooted with Battery Pull
    Rebooted with Battery Pull and SIM Card Pull
    Downloaded LTE OnOff, no response when trying to go LTE Only, and 3G seems to be the best I can get.

    Thoughts? Phone is not rooted, and I have absolutely zero interest in rooting. The only thing that changed is the battery.
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    Default Re: No LTE after Battery Swap

    For reference, I also just with no result.

    3G seems to be relatively (if that) stable, but no 4G whatsoever.
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    Default Re: No LTE after Battery Swap

    Update: came home, put my old (OEM) battery in...4G straight from reboot.

    Is there something not in 3rd party batteries that OEM's have?
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    Default Re: No LTE after Battery Swap

    Wow, that's odd for sure. I've never heard of anything like that happening. The only thing I could think of, and even this is a long shot, is if the battery wasn't able to discharge at a high enough rate to power the 4G radio. It does take extra power to run it, but I'd expect you to see other performance issues if that were the case.

    Have you swapped back and forth to replicate the issue?
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    Default Re: No LTE after Battery Swap

    Motorola often uses some type of software that causes problems with non-Motorola batteries and sometimes chargers. In any event, I think your best (only choice) if you want another battery is to buy an OEM from ebay or amazon. Check reviews to make sure used or fakes aren't being sold.

    . The problem would likely be an app running in the background, or some other rogue app. I would look to find that first and delete the app, then try your original battery again, then if you are still discharging fast, buy an OEM battery from the internet.

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