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    Default Volume control app

    Does anyone know of a good app to better control ringer/notification volume? I'm basically looking for one that can match the two volumes together instead of having to change them independently.
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    I use GO Switch widget, it makes the notification volume match the ringer if so desired.
    This widget may only work with the Go Launcher UI however, but GO is a better UI than the stock anyway.
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    AudioManager. The Pro version lets you save presets and put them on the homescreen. I have presets for: Sleep, Indoors, Silent, Normal & Max. One of my favorite apps.
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    Hey I dunno whether you already found a solution. I'm using Smart Volume Control+ as my volume controller.It works fine on my Phone and Laptop.So I recommend it to you to try.Here is the PlayStore Link

    Free Version :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...tVolumeControl
    Paid version :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...umeControlPlus
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    I tried GO Switch widget first and didn't like it. I agree with Chillie Hotrebzz SVC+ is a lot better than other volume control apps. You can set different ring tones to different volumes with this app.
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    I used Locale and Tasker and they were terrible compared to SVC+. It is so easy to use and works well with any bluetooth device.
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    Default Re: Volume control app

    I'm a SVC+ user myself as well. It's superior compared to all the other volume control applications out there for sure. I'm especially happy with how less battery it uses as battery has always been a concern for me.

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