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    Default Poweramp and Playlists - I am losing my damned MIND

    Hi people, I am going inSANE here.

    I desperately want to use my phone as my music player(keep my iPod in the car). Syncing this thing was hard enough(no program recognizes the External SD; Windows Explorer will, and I can access it from the phone, but no syncing/media program does).

    I'm trying to add playlists to Poweramp. I placed them in the directory with my mp3s, told Poweramp to scan the folders, and it found all of my music, and 3 playlists(which all have 1/4 of the songs they should). I tell it to scan my music library folders for playlists(they are there, I've checked with 3 different file explorers) and Poweramp says "Imported: 0 playlists".

    I am losing my MIND. These are playlists with hundreds of songs; manually creating them would take me hours.

    ANYONE have any idea?
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    Default Re: Poweramp and Playlists - I am losing my damned MIND

    Hello. I have been having the same issue with my Droid Razr Maxx. The Poweramp playlists would be modified upon system restart. There is only one way to fix this bug, and it may not be what you want to hear. What you need to do is go to your default music app (My Music on the Droid Razr series) and recreate your playlists there. It may take a while, but once you do this you won't have to do it again. After you have recreated the playlists, open Poweramp and follow these steps: Settings-->Folders and Library-->Playlists Import/Export-->Import System Library Playlists. This will import the playlists you have saved on the My Music app. In your case, I understand not wanting to recreate playlists with hundreds of songs. What I would do is play around a little bit with Motocast and see if you can sync your playlists from your computer. Upon USB connection you should receive a prompt involving Motocast. I haven't used Motocast or set up an account there because I have no need to sync from my PC, but in your case it might be worth trying to sync your playlists via Motocast. Once your playlists are synced, they should show up in your My Music library, thus becoming importable to Poweramp. One last thing: Poweramp is the by far the best aftermarket music player on the android market, and doing this is worth the time and effort. I hope this helps, and I apologize for not playing around with Motocast before I wrote this. Good luck!
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    Default So far so good

    Android geek was on time - I imported my playlist to poweramp. Now to see if it will keep my songs from disappearing
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    Default Re: So far so good

    I use iSyncr and have no problems with playlists on Poweramp. been doing that for 6months or more. it syncs Itunes to the phone. can't remember if it does WMP library but i know it does iTunes. only thing is Poweramp doesn't recognize the iTunes ratings.
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    Default Re: Poweramp and Playlists - I am losing my damned MIND

    if i use isyncr it auto updates playlist content on the stock player on my samsung but on poweramp it doesn't update (even after a full rescan).

    eg i have a playlist called 'allsorts' i change stuff on this every few days adding and removing tracks. i created it in itunes and sync with isyncr. i just added a song so there are now 31 songs. this is updated in the stock player (shows 31 songs) but in poweramp it only shows 30 (even after a full rescan)

    the only way it will update is if i import playlists but then i end up with duplicate playlists (i have 'allsorts' and below is 'allsorts1' - if i import again it reads allsorts/1/2/3/4 etc.

    i have it set to delete duplicates but this seems only for duplicated songs in playlists and not playlists themselves.

    can anyone help?

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