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    Default Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    I'm a big fan of my RAZR M, and recently discovered unwittingly that it holds up pretty well.

    Yesterday, my RAZR M decided to go for a swim in a... er, shallow "water receptacle" (which was fortunately clean). It became fully submerged, and even emitted bubbles to let me know water was creeping inside.

    Lo and behold, I briefly shook it out, powered it down flawlessly, tried the ol' bag of rice trick (with some gun safe dessicants in lieu of rice), and powered back up.

    so far, so good. talk about solid craftsmanship.

    Held up better than my MOTOACTV which I took in the pool with me briefly...
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    Glad to hear you're OK!

    I recently tried to revivie a found smartphone (thunderbolt?) in order to return it to the rightful owner. I failed and ended up bringing it to a verizon store.

    But along the way, found a youtube video, showing it was more effective to use a vaccuum, cupping your hand between the nozzle and the phone and sucking out what you can, from every hole / gap on the phone.
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    The internals of the Razr line have a waterproof nano coating. They have a commercial showing a Best Buy employee putting his phone under a running faucet.
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    I actually did the vacuum thing before putting in the bag of dessicants. I'd heard of the waterproof coating, which my MotoACTV supposedly has, too. But, it did not save the MotoACTV. (I'm sure the atm pressure was vastly different.)

    Either way, good to have it back, and using it to browse AC forums!
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    I saw this advertised with the razr maxx hd but not the razr m. This is a pretty big feature. I wonder why its not being advertised as much.

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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    The phone itself (and probably the screen) are protected by the water proof nano coating however the switch and connectors ie the earphone jack and SD and SIM card are not. If the water is clean dry it out quickly. If the water is salt water or other "dirty" water, rinse it out thoroughly as soon as possible then dry it out before it corrodes.
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    There are waterproof cases that protects your sim and cable as well. Have a look to it.
    waterproof smartphone case
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    The nano-coating on my RAZR M did not save it from water damage in a submersion incident. I quickly removed it, shook it out, let it dry, put it in rice (and eventually a desiccant bag), and it was toast. I had hoped it would be fine given the coating it was supposed to have to protect from water-damage. I would maybe call it "water-resistant", but I would not call it "water-proof".
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    Default Re: Razr M waterproof/submersible?!?

    Listen to music with it in a steamy shower every day, and I once dropped it in my cat's water bowl. Still working fine without a vacuum or rice.

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